Do relationships fall apart after a baby? 🧐

Tips for happy couples! How to save your relationship 💜

Being a parent is challenging. A couple’s relationship changes after having a baby, not only you don’t have enough time with your partner but you barely find time for yourself. 🤔 Are you ready to face your new reality? Are you wondering how your relationship might transform after the baby comes? With a helpless newborn to care for, you simply can’t put your relationship first anymore. Tiredness, lack of sleep, stress on how to handle the new situation, different parenting styles, grandparents on the scene, no time for sex, and ongoing physical and emotional changes can work like a ticking time bomb for burnout.

What was the hardest thing you had to handle in your transition to parenthood? For me, it was unsolicited advice. The solution here is boundaries. Any unsolicited advice is generally unwelcome. Although parents, relatives, and friends have good intentions and can be a source of invaluable advice and support, they cannot wear your shoes or know your special situation in depth. You know better than anyone else how you feel and what you need. Life after kids is an exercise in reprioritizing, so you might be quite busy accepting unwanted advice.

6 Typical issues after childbirth and tips to survive:

1.Lack of sleep and tiredness

Try to get some rest and sleep when your baby sleeps, arrange to have help, share with your partner nights if you can, eat well, take some gentle exercise, sleep in the same room with your baby, and arm yourself with patience. 💪

2. Different parenting styles

Different views on parenting can lead to conflicts. Discuss your thoughts openly and develop a joint approach without undermining your partner’s point of view. You should always put first what is good for your child instead of just satisfying your ego. Avoid unnecessary fights and accept that you may have different opinions.

3. Redefining your sex life

Exhaustion (physical and emotional) might lead to no sex or limited sex. This doesn’t last forever! 🥰 What would you prefer after a sleepless night, changing diapers all day, and dealing with your baby’s nagging? Would you prefer to have sex or to get some sleep? I think the answer is obvious. Moreover, vaginal dryness, especially if you are breastfeeding, makes your answer easier. Find with your partner other ways for physical affection, express your situation and how you feel. It’s ok to take some time off until you feel ready to have sex again.

4. No time for the couple, not for yourself

Before kids, you had time for your own schedules and time together. After kids, you barely find time for yourself and time as a couple. Lower your expectations and schedule time together and for yourself. Don’t try to relive the past, face your new reality and adjust to it accordingly.

5. Grandparents want time with the baby – a lot of it

Set your boundaries. Grandparents can be caregivers and trusted advisors, however, they should respect their children’s rules for parenting. If grandparents overstep the boundaries and seem controlling, undermining, manipulative, or critical, you should be clear about how you want to raise your kids. If they keep crossing boundaries, you may spend less time with them.

6. Household

You have to work together as a team. Find solutions and divide responsibilities. Encourage your spouse to spend more time with kids, especially quality time and time together. This will be beneficial for the whole family.

Transitioning to parenthood is not easy. You can smooth things out and learn how to overcome every obstacle. You will learn from your mistakes and remember to always stay true to yourself throughout the journey.

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