How to soothe your crying baby? 10 parenting tips

crying baby

Caring for a baby is hard work! I wish I knew how much babies cry before I give birth. I was indeed stressed with my first daughter who didn’t stop crying no matter how hard I was trying to soothe her. With the second child, everything was much easier! 😊

Crying wasn’t frustrating for me anymore, although my baby boy was crying a lot, especially at night because he was suffering from colic. 😭 Crying is how babies communicate; only “experienced” parents know that crying and babies go hand in hand. New parents often wonder if it is normal for their baby to cry so much and here is the good news: there are tips for you to soothe your baby effectively.💪

Don’t be afraid of spoiling your baby with too much attention and hugs during his first months of life. Babies need hugs and feel more comfortable in their parent’s arms or even better with skin-to-skin contact. After all, your baby will grow up soon and you will miss those affectionate days. 🤗

Parenting tips to calm your crying baby:

  1. Gently rub or stroke the baby’s back, chest or tummy
  2. Rock the baby, hold the baby close, or walk with the baby outside
  3. Take the baby for a ride in a stroller or in a car seat in the car
  4. Turn on some music or white noise, such as a vacuum cleaner or clothes dryer
  5. Avoid overfeeding your baby & burp him every time he eats
  6. Find out whether your baby has a food sensitivity
  7. Try babywearing in a sling. Human contact can help your baby cry less.
  8. When you breastfeed, make sure you have a good position so your baby has a good latch and he doesn’t swallow too much air
  9. If you breastfeed avoid spicy, gassy foods and fizzy drinks. See if your baby gets fussy with certain foods. If yes, try to adjust your diet accordingly
  10. Your baby may scream in pain from gas. The video below shows how you can help your baby expel trapped gas. You can bend the baby’s legs and gently push the knees up towards the tummy Moreover, you may give your baby a warm bath. My baby was suffering from colic and every time he had a warm bath, his bowel was relaxed resulting in pooping and getting trapped gas out

It is very common that crying may not stop, no matter what you try. It is normal to feel frustrated or upset when the baby won’t stop. New parents may feel more overwhelmed because they worry more about the causes of crying. More “experienced” parents know that the crying will eventually stop and how normal is for a baby to cry. However, if crying may not stop for an extended period of time or you have signs that your baby has a medical reason for crying, contact your baby’s healthcare provider.

As a parent, you are human, and it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and even angered by the baby’s constant demands. No matter how bad it gets or how tired or frustrated you feel, shaking the baby is never the answer and it is dangerous. Instead, find ways to calm yourself and your baby. For example, take a deep breath and count to 10, listen to music for a few minutes or call a friend or family member for emotional support. ❤️

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