Simone Miliaresis

“My focus is working with children and their families to support positive development, mental health, and learning.”

Simone Miliaresis, EdS, NCSP, has been working with children and families for over 15 years. She has obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a specialization in Family and Child Behavioral Services. Through her graduate studies, Simone has earned a Master’s degree in Education, as well as an Educational Specialist degree in School Psychology. She was also the recipient of two Fulbright Fellowships. Simone’s primary focus is advocating for children with delays and exceptionalities, such as ADHD, autism, intellectual disabilities, mental health conditions, and learning disabilities.

Simone has worked as a special instructor and autism spectrum coordinator, where she conducted developmental behavior assessments, implemented applied behavior analysis techniques, and coached parents of babies who had communication, motor, behavioral, and cognitive delays. Currently, Simone serves as certified school psychologist for a large, urban school district in the United States. Simone administers cognitive, social-emotional, and academic assessments to identify how students’ strengths and needs impact their educational performance. In her current role, Simone counsels students, serves on a problem solving team, and provides recommendations/consultation to teachers and parents.

Additionally, Simone works as an executive functioning coach, where she assists students with self-management skills, such as planning, prioritizing, time management, organization, and focus. She also guides parents through the special education process and provides consultation regarding behavioral strategies in the home. Simone is committed to ensuring that all children and parents receive the support they deserve.