Hi, I am Katerina, a mom of a boy and a girl! After becoming a mother, my perspective on how I live my life began to change. I had new roles to handle and of course with no manual! As a mother of two, I understand firsthand how crucial it is to have emotional support during pregnancy, postpartum and motherhood.

It is not always easy to find the balance between family, personal and working life. Have you ever thought to yourself I need a change? That’s how I felt and I became very keen to raise happy, emotionally balanced children while remaining healthy and pleased myself. I created this website to bring you valuable information on how to navigate yourself in this new journey of parenting. Here you will find unique content, tips, and advice about fertility, pregnancy, motherhood, and healthy living. If you are pregnant, willing to get pregnant, or already a mom, and you looking for thorough, reliable answers to your concerns, this is the right place for you. I will share with you anything I have learned and everything that helped me. In cooperation with a team of experts, we support you with enthusiasm and professionalism to live the life you want as a mother and thrive.

Join me in this journey and let’s share our thoughts, experiences, and concerns.

Stay healthy and be the best version of yourself!